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In the age of innovation, technology, and globalization where relationships between individuals and organizations are getting more and more complex, it is not enough to only have an excellent IQ. Being good at number crunching and scoring high marks in subjects are not the only criteria for professional or personal life success. To fine-tune yourself i.e believing in self, having clear career goals,  defined values, having an inspiring personality, eagerness to learn, handling people in the best way, willingness to share and embrace new ideas,  flexibility, persuasion, futuristic thinking, compassion, work-life balance, exposure, and various skill sets skills are essential to developing so that they will be able you to deal with different situations at workplace diligently,  responsibly, timely and productively. Degrees and credentials are important, but the development of soft skills—skills that are more social than technical—are a crucial part of fostering a dynamic workforce and are always in high demand in today’s world. Soft skills are crucial to enhance your academic performance, increase employment opportunities, and compete successfully in the job and business environment. The real key to the effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practice In this course, you learn 14 powerful skills and ways to empower you at your workplace to inspire your boss, co-worker, team, and partners, succeed in your career and thrive. This course will help you reflect and brainstorm on your key career goals through different assignments. The skills, ways, and tools explained in this course will inspire you and will help you be inspiring at your workplace and be a leader in your organization.


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Develop powerful skills for your workplace success

  • Course Overview 2min 38sec
  • Individual Development Plan 4min 20sec
  • Self Belief 4min 12sec
  • Clarity of Goals 3min 44sec
  • Emotional Intelligence 4min 31sec
  • Communication Skills 4min 55sec
  • Taking Action and Smart Work 4min 0sec
  • Staying Positive 4min 24sec
  • Skills and Knowledge 4min 39sec
  • Time Management 4min 53sec
  • Relationship Management 4min 47sec
  • Networking Skills and Professionalism 4min 35sec
  • Learning Attitude and Growth Mindset 4min 11sec
  • Leadership Skills 4min 39sec
  • Have a Mentor 4min 53sec
  • Travel and Study 3min 45sec
  • Work life Balance 3min 46sec
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Azizullah Bangash

Co-Founder & Director | Training Consultant

HR and Management Consultant with 7 years of experience


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  • Inspiring individuals as knowledge and understanding of workplace success
  • Understanding of most essential workplace success
  • Being productive and inspiring at workplace
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15+ enrolled on this course