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Inspiring your learners is an art and science which requires skills, knowledge, and a unique approach. Remember what really matters are how the training content is delivered to change the attitude of the learners and give them transformational experience. While working with founders, managers, entrepreneurs, trainers, and teachers, I realized that their interaction with their team is not inspiring and effective, and they lack in understanding the needs or gaps of employees at work and are not effective in developing their capacity to make them productive. This course has been designed for graduates, managers, and HR professionals, entrepreneurs and senior professionals who are interested in developing skills of training and facilitation. These skills are very essential to make a strong team and to lead an organization to the height of success with the help of this team. This course will help you learn and understand the very essential details that are needed for the training of a team working for an organization. In this course, you will learn the most vital concepts and gain knowledge that will help you learn to design a framework for training your team. The skills that you learn through this course will enable you to become a great leader in your workplace. Keeping the fact in view that the success of an organization lies in how the leaders of a particular organization train their teams to guarantee their efficiency at work to achieve maximum productivity. Enhancing Your Training and Facilitation Skills Course is not only for the trainers, HR professionals, managers, teachers, and entrepreneurs but is also for founders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are leading a team and want to learn and enhance their training and facilitation skills. This course will help you learn how you can develop skills to be the best and be a very effective and inspiring trainer, team leader, manager, or founder that will in turn help your organization or client grow and increase its employee's productivity.


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The targeted concepts in this section are training and development. Here you will learn all the necessary knowledge you need to have about training and development difference between them.

  • Training and Development 4min 37sec
  • Difference between Training and Development 6min 8sec

In this section, you will learn about the trainer. What type of skills and qualities does a person need to be a trainer? Does the trainer need to have specialized skills

  • Understanding Training from Learners Perspective 7min 36sec
  • Trainer Roles and Qualities 9min 16sec

In this section, you will learn about how a trainer will design content for a training session. Content designing is a very technical part. The trainer needs to ensure that the content is relevant, what is the impact of the content on the audience. Content is one of the fundamental parts of a training session, if there is no relevant content, the training session will not be impactful.

  • Training Needs Assessment for Content Design 10min 10sec
  • Training Foundation Principles and Outcomes 7min 30sec
  • Designing Learning Content and Understanding an Effective Content Delivery 7min 29sec

In this section, we will emphasize the tools and techniques that make the learning process of the training session very effective and easily understood by the trainees. One can consider these the basic tools and techniques required in a training session. You will learn about what tools do you need in a training session and what techniques do you have to learn to make your training session fruitful.

  • Learning Styles of Learners 7min 35sec
  • Effective Communication 7min 48sec
  • Handling Difficult Audience 6min 11sec

In this section, you will learn how to develop communication skills. The techniques for improving your communication skills will be discussed. You will learn what the effective means of communication are since talking is not the only way of communication, body language, gestures, and other means are also included. Communication is an essential part of the training session. Good communication means that the trainees can clearly understand the trainer.

  • Understanding Facilitation and Its process 6min 2sec
  • Presentation, Facilitation and Training Skills 3min 42sec
  • Key Facilitation Skills 4min 38sec
  • Facilitator Key Roles 3min 50sec

In this section, feedback and evaluation sessions will be explained. The necessary tools and techniques will be described along with how these sessions can be useful for you. You will learn how to measure the effectiveness of a training session through feedback and evaluation Feedback and evaluation sessions are very important to track your progress. This way, you will know if your training session has been successful or not.

  • Designing and Conducting Training Feedback 3min 47sec
  • Training Monitoring and Impact Evaluation 4min 47sec

In this section, effective online content delivery concepts and tools have been discussed. Due to Technological development and Covid19 more focus is on online meetings, classes, and training. You will understand the challenges of e-learning and checklist for delivering online sessions, and effective management of online class

  • Online Content Delivery 10min 33sec
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Azizullah Bangash

Co-Founder & Director | Training Consultant

HR and Management Consultant with 7 years of experience


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